The Creative Woman's Decluttering Bundle

Everything you need to tame the clutter in your sewing room, craft room, or creative workspace!

Are you fed up with clutter appearing in your sewing room, craft room, or creative workspace... over and over again?

Does that clutter keep showing up despite your repeated efforts to declutter? Have you read all the decluttering books, tried to organize your crafting items to no avail, and gotten really frustrated because you still can't do the creative work you want to do in your cluttered and disorganized space?

You've tried the decluttering advice that's written for general household decluttering - and that's where the problem lies. That advice just doesn't cover much about creative workspaces. It's not written for creative women like you and me. It doesn't understand the way we think about our creative work, and the way we relate to the items we need for the art and craft we love to do.

But what if you could get specialized advice, specifically tailored for creative women who want to declutter their creative workspace?

And what if you could get all the specialized tools you need to clear your creative workspace all in the same place?



The Creative Woman's Decluttering Bundle:

Everything you need to tame the clutter in your sewing room, craft room, or creative workspace!


With the Creative Woman's Decluttering Bundle, you'll get access to the exact techniques I use with my face-to-face decluttering clients. I've created these courses for the specific type of client I serve: creative women just like you. You see, I'm just the same - a creative woman who used to have huge trouble with clutter.

Using my specialized expertise in decluttering for the creative woman, the courses and resources in the Creative Woman's Decluttering Bundle will help you learn how to bust the clutter in your creative workspace once and for all. Working a little bit at a time, you'll see incremental results - and over time, you'll see a visible transformation in your creative workspace.

Won't it be amazing to walk into your creative workspace and see a clear, well-organized, ready-to-use space where you can do your best creative work?

That's what I'm here to help you achieve, with the Creative Woman's Decluttering Bundle.

Who is this bundle for?

It's for the creative woman like you - a sewist, quilter, crafter, or maker-of-many-things!

It's for you if you're constantly annoyed that you don't have enough room to do your creative work - and you can't find the projects you want to work on because your space is in such disarray.

It's for you if you're dreaming of a clear, clean, ready-to-use space so that you can use your creative time most effectively.

It's for you if you know you've got WAY too many materials and tools that you know you'll never use, and you don't know how to let go of them.

It's for you if you've ever posted a photo of your cluttered-up workspace online, hoping that someone else will chime in and post a photo that's even more messy than yours - but REALLY what you want is to be able to post a photo of a space you're proud of.

It's for you if you want a proven, guided, useful way to get your space decluttered so that you can get going on the projects that you really love.

And I'm here to help you do just that!

Your Instructor

Nadia Arbach
Nadia Arbach

Hi, I'm Nadia Arbach. I'm a Professional Declutterer who helps creative women like you rediscover the joy of creating and achieve their creative goals!

Clutter can accumulate in a creative workspace pretty quickly - I should know! At one point in my life I was so cluttered that I had to throw a bedsheet over my sewing table so that a visitor wouldn't see my awful mess. That was my light-bulb moment. I needed to declutter if I wanted to go anywhere with my creative work.

Fast-forward a few years later and I'd become a professional declutterer myself! While I was helping people let go of the things that didn't serve them any more, I discovered that I loved helping creative women most of all. That was really no surprise - I'm one myself so I understand how awful it feels to be held back by all the STUFF that accumulates in a creative space.

My mission is to motivate, encourage, and support creative women of all kinds to clear that clutter too - so that they can keep creating despite resistance.

If you're a creative woman looking for a solution to the clutter that's been holding you back, I'm delighted to see you here - you're in the right place. My expertise is all here in this course for you. I'm so looking forward to sharing it with you, so that you can spend more time doing the creative work you love.


"I worked through Nadia's courses and participated in her decluttering/motivational group. I have learned how to work on so many areas of my thought patterns in regards to 'my stuff' and how I prioritize my creative projects. Nadia has made it challenging yet fun - she is down to earth and a real gem to work with!'

- B., Alberta, Canada

Tell me if this sounds like you:

  • your creative workspace is full of stuff… you have so many projects, tools, and materials all jumbled together
  • you don’t have enough space for your creative work because so much stuff is blocking the way… and it’s blocking the flow of creative ideas, too
  • no matter how many times you’ve decluttered your creative workspace, the clutter always comes back
  • you’ve got so much stuff that you’re overwhelmed and frustrated and don’t even know where to start decluttering
  • you keep wanting to make more time for your creative work but you just can't seem to fit it into your busy schedule

Kickstart your decluttering, learn how to do a major decluttering session without the frustration, make more time for your creative work... you'll get all this and more in the Creative Woman's Decluttering Bundle!

Here's how to use the Creative Woman's Decluttering Bundle:

My online course, the Declutter Your Creative Workspace 7-Day Kickstart, is a 7-day challenge that will help you get some quick decluttering wins so that you can see visible results fast. This short course focuses on some of the specific types of clutter that can build up in a creative workspace - including expired materials, scraps, remnants, paper, tools that aren't serving you, and more! - and gives you step-by-step instructions on how to remove them from your space.

My DIY Decluttering Day guided framework is a series of timed audio recordings designed to take you smoothly through a major decluttering session without the overwhelm or exhaustion. The DIY Decluttering Day framework includes 5 audio recordings to listen to at specific times during an 8-hour decluttering session to motivate, guide, and encourage you. Each recording is meant to be played at a specific time during the day, and it’s designed to give you exactly what you need right then. Motivation, encouragement, probing questions, and permission to rest and relax – that’s what I’m there to offer you. I’ll be giving you renewed focus so that you can use the day to its fullest extent and get as much done as possible – without burning out or getting tired. It’ll be like I’m right there with you!

My Make Time for Creativity online course helps you determine what's been keeping you from making as much time for your creative work as you'd like, and helps you get your schedule cleared so you can do the creative work you love. The course takes you through a series of questions that will encourage you to deeply examine your current habits and thinking patterns. We start by looking at mindset, move on to habits, and then we put some non-negotiable creative time in your calendar!

My e-book, 50 Decluttering Questions, includes my favourite 50 questions that I always ask my decluttering clients. These questions will help you examine your relationship with clutter from multiple angles. This will give you more clarity about why the clutter exists, and will also help you see why you don’t need it any more. Even one single question could change the way you see an item that you’ve been hanging onto, and allow you to release it!

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But that's not all!

You'll also get the following bonus resources, which I use with all my clients:

Master Project List - so you can consolidate all of your creative projects into one place

Decluttering Basics - the 8 simple steps to follow during any decluttering session

Decluttering Case Study - an inspirational story from one of my clients, who transformed her sewing room in 12 weeks

Seven Clutter Triggers - my unique framework to help you understand WHY clutter accumulates in your creative workspace

"Nadia has encouraged me through finding ways to remove the blocks I’d put in my own way. I now have a bright, inspiring, contained creative space, without sewing supplies all over the house. I know where everything is, what I have, and I have an extensive, flexible project list that I am the boss of. I give myself permission to change ideas and projects as I go along and even to let projects and materials go that no longer serve me. My space and my projects bring me joy now! Nadia has helped me make changes to my creative space that are now affecting how I approach the rest of my home and improving my relationships. I have literal and figurative breathing space."

- H., B.C., Canada

Ready to finally clear the clutter for good?

If you’re a creative woman, no matter what your creative practice (and like many of us, you might have more than one!), you’ll benefit from the Creative Woman's Decluttering Bundle because I created it specifically for you. I understand the creative mindset and I know how hard it is to let go of things - I’ve struggled with clutter in my creative workspace too. Now I know how to overcome it, and I want to share this knowledge with you.

Now is the time to take action! Why let the clutter run the show ever again? With the Creative Woman's Decluttering Bundle, you’ll have all the tools you need to achieve your best creative work in a clear, organized, clutter-free workspace.

The Creative Woman's Decluttering Bundle is priced at £37 for only a short while. Grab the bundle today for only £37 and benefit FOREVER from the knowledge and lasting value that these courses and resources will give you.


The Creative Woman's Decluttering Bundle:

Everything you need to tame the clutter in your sewing room, craft room, or creative workspace!


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